Definitions for "mil"
an obsolete monetary unit of Cyprus equal in value to 1/1000 of a pound.
a unit of length equal to 1/1000 inch, used especially in measuring the thickness of sheets of materials.
a unit of angular size equal to 1/6400 of 360 degrees; -- it is used especially in artillery ranging.
Malfuction Indicator Lamp"Check Engine" or "Service Engine" light that the PCM illuminates when certain system faults are present.
A domain name suffix denoting an abbreviation for military. In Internet addresses, mil indicates a site belonging to a military branch or organization. By example, would be the United States Marine Corp.
A suffix indicating a military domain.
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An absolute one tenth of one penny; $0.001. There are typically ten Pips to one Mil.
One–tenth of one cent, or $0.001.
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Missing Information Letter. The Missing Information Letter (MIL) is created for and mailed to the student with an incomplete student record. Students are instructed to access their My To Do List on myUNT for information about the outstanding documents.
When these letters appear at the last part of an address (in [email protected], for example), it indicates that the host computer is run by some part of the U.S. military rather than by a company or university.
Mortgage Information Letter. A letter issued by the lender indicating the payoff balance of a loan as well as any other requirements of loan payoff. back
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Mini inline connector, neoprene, wet pluggable series
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PCB ©Î´¹¤ù§G§1/2ªºªø«×³æ¦ì¡A1 mil = ¤d¤À¤§¤@­^¤o¡C
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(abbr) : military.
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One thousands of an inchv
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Mensa International, Ltd. - The parent organization of American Mensa, Ltd., with chapters all over the world.
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See 1. caliper".
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USA Military
Abbreviation for the Milwaukee Bucks
(abbreviation) military.
Abbreviation for military (e.g. in Military Standards).
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Group 4 Fax File
military installations
Acronym for " Mechanic Installed Market."
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one milliliter; -- used mostly in informal speech.
In an Internet address, a domain supported by a military organization.
A domain that is assigned to the military.
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One million dollars; as, his new house cost over a mil.
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Common ending to a URL referring to a military run server.
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Military Agencies Restricted
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American Military specifications.
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A military site, like the Air Force (
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Military (e.g. as in Military Standards).
Military Specifications and Standards, U.S.A.
US Military