Definitions for "Migrate"
To remove from one country or region to another, with a view to residence; to change one's place of residence; to remove; as, the Moors who migrated from Africa into Spain; to migrate to the West.
To pass periodically from one region or climate to another for feeding or breeding; -- said of certain birds, fishes, and quadrupeds.
To deliberately move, usually periodically, from one region to another for purposes of breeding, feeding, etc.
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Migrating a Workgroup
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The virtual tape function of copying new or changed virtual tape volumes from VT DASD to real tape (MVC). Depending on implementation this might take place as soon as the new volume is closed, or it might be scheduled later. After completion, the VTV might also remain on DASD for potential reuse.
When animals travel to a different area because of temperature changes or to find food. For example geese and Monarch butterflies migrate every fall and spring.
To travel at regular intervals in large numbers in a particular direction, typically north or south.
To upgrade or downgrade an Oracle database or convert data in a non-Oracle database into an Oracle database.
To transform an installed version of an Oracle database from a major release to another major release, for example, from Oracle8 to Oracle8.
Applicants applying from outside Australia will be applying to migrate. Applicants applying in Australia will be applying for permanent residence. In the context of partner migration information, the term 'migrate' covers both.