Definitions for "migraine"
A kind of intense sick or nervous headache, usually periodical and confined to one side of the head; called also migraine headache. Same as megrim.
A disabling headache which is frequently limited to one side of the head and is often linked with nausea or vomiting. In a few people the attacks are preceded by aura symptoms.
A localized headache often associated with visual sensations, nausea and malaise. It is not common after head injury, but is a recognised rare sequel of minor head injury.
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Ladyslipper and Feverfew.
Migraine is the first book written by Oliver Sacks, the well known neurologist and author with a practice in New York City. The book was first published in 1970 and revised in 1992.
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Multiple Sclerosis
a highly painful experience where the muscles tighten, veins pound and coordination diminishes
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