Definitions for "Mighty Wind"
a faux documentary on Sixties-era folk singing groups that reunite for a final time to pay tribute to a fallen comrade-in-folk
a film about rekindling memories from the past, good and bad and putting a present day perspective on it
a film that I loved, and it disappoints me that there were so many critics and filmgoers who were disappointed with it
Keywords:  hoot, folksy
a folksy hoot
a favorite of mine, and Mike LaFontaine's weak catch-phrase remains one of those generators of instant hysteria for me
an ensemble piece, but make no mistake that Catherine O'Hara sets herself apart
a brilliant flick, and try as I might, I cannot get enough of the mockumentry genre
Keywords:  amiable, gem, diversion, comic
an amiable diversion, but no comic gem
Keywords:  homage, music, people
an homage to the people who made the music possible
a marvellous high wire pulled off with invention and skill
Keywords:  parody, good, humor, art, crosses
a good place to start
a parody so good it crosses the line from humor into art
Keywords:  limbed, loose
a loose limbed
Keywords:  comparison, job
a job of comparison