Definitions for "Midnight"
The middle of the night; twelve o'clock at night.
Being in, or characteristic of, the middle of the night; as, midnight studies; midnight gloom.
12 o'clock at night; the middle of the night; "young children should not be allowed to stay up until midnight"
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Midnight is a 1934 film noir directed by Chester Erskine and starring Sidney Fox, O.P. Heggie, Henry Hull, Margaret Wycherly, and Humphrey Bogart. The film was re-released as Call It Murder after Bogart became a movie star.
Midnight is a campaign setting for the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, released under the Open Gaming License. It is published by Fantasy Flight Games, which is based in Roseville, Minnesota.
Midnight (previously known as Darkness) the codename of an action/adventure video game being developed by Crossbeam Studios Entertainment (CSE) for Nintendo's Wii.
Midnight was a 1939 comedy film directed by Mitchell Leisen and written by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder based on a story by Edwin Justus Mayer and Franz Schulz. Actress Barbara Stanwyck was originally slated for the role of Eve Peabody, but was replaced by Claudette Colbert because of scheduling problems. The film was remade as Masquerade in Mexico (1945) with Dorothy Lamour.
Midnight was intended as a simple replacement for Will Eisner's The Spirit while Eisner was at war, but took on its own life in later stories. He was created for Quality Comics by Jack Cole, who later that year would become famous for creating Plastic Man.
a happy hour at this popular Midtown lounge
Can be defined at 00:00 hours, the beginning of the day—or at 24:00 hours, the end. Most astrologers use 24:00 hours to mean Midnight. Midnight ephemeris is always a zero hour ephemeris.
the witching hour; go to the St. Paul Pioneer Press Building at 345 Cedar Street after about the 6th clue, and you'll see
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Madness n. Method of stress relief during exam week. Large portions of the Freshman Experience gather outside their dorms and scream.
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Informative call advising that command and control functions (GCI/AWACS) are no longer available.
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Opaque deepest blue.
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where the day and date change; 180 degrees from noon. Where p.m. ends and a.m. begins.