Definitions for "MICROPROCESSOR"
Computer chip that performs digital functions that make many features such as Target ID and Discrimination possible on today's Garrett detectors
A large-scale integrated circuit that has all the functions of a computer, except memory and input/output systems. The IC thus includes the instruction set, ALU, registers and control functions.
Integrated circuit chip that monitors, controls and executes the machine language instructions.
A computerized controller of an ultrasonic welder that provides precise control over weld parameters such as energy, time and pressure.
a general-purpose electronic calculation, comparison, and storage device capable of high speed and inexpensive manufacture
an electronic device for the processing of information
high performance small sized electronic device that can be programmed to carry out many functions.
A semiconductor that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks in many different systems.
a piece of hardware which does complex mathematical calculations to do different kinds of jobs
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an example of an IC