Definitions for "Microfiche"
A card-sized transparent sheet of film with miniaturized images (microimages) arranged in a grid pattern. Usually contains a title readable without a magnifying device. Sometimes abbreviated as fiche. See also ULTRAFICHE.
A photographic method to store information that offers the benefits of requiring less space and simplicity in filing. It is based on the use of a small sheet of film that carries miniaturized photographic images, such as document pages, for storage in rows and columns. A sheet of 105 mm × 148 mm (about 4 × 6 inches) accommodates ninety-eight 8.5"×11" pages at 24 times reduction in 7 rows × 14 columns. One 4"´6" book card can hold an entire book. The images are too small to read without an aid. A microfiche reader is used to view the microfiche records. The technology is now largely redundant as a result of computer technology. Compare to MICROFILM
Information storage system based on microfilm sheets that display drawings or text on demand.