Definitions for "Michael Williams"
Michael Leonard Williams (9 July 1935 – 11 January 2001) was a British actor.
Michael Williams is a character in William Shakespeare's Henry V. He has the grand setpiece speech "There be few that die well that die in a battle." In the 1989 movie adaptation of Henry V, he was played by the British actor Michael Williams, perhaps an irresistible casting decision by director Kenneth Branagh, particularly in view of the fact that Williams's wife Judi Dench also appeared in the film.
Michael Williams (born 6 July 1947) is currently the Kreiger-Eisenhower Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and chair of the department. Williams is a noted epistemologist, and has significant interest in philosophy of language, Wittgenstein, and the history of modern philosophy. He is particularly well known for his work on philosophical skepticism.