Definitions for "Michael White"
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Michael White (born 1945) is an associate editor and former political editor of The Guardian. After studying for a BA (Hons) History at University College London, he began his career at the Reading Evening Post (1966–71) and after a spell at the London Evening Standard (1970–71) he moved to The Guardian where he has worked ever since variously as a sub/feature writer (1971–74), diary writer (1974–76), political correspondent and sketchwriter (1976–84) and Washington correspondent (1984–88). He became the newspaper's political editor in 1990, a position he relinquished to Patrick Wintour at the beginning of 2006.
Michael White (born 29 November, 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a jazz clarinetist, bandleader, composer, and music educator.
Michael White (b. 24 May 1933) is an American jazz violinist.