Definitions for "MFS"
Maritme Fire Support
Metropolitan Family Services, a large Chicago-based nonprofit that provides direct service to low income families as well as advocating on issues such as payday loan reform and child support collection.
Metropolitan Fire Service
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The internal databse in which all recordings, logo's, preferences, guidedata, lineups etc. are stored. This is the core of the TiVo-system. [ edit
Macintosh file system. A now-obsolete method of organizing files on a volume in a 'flat' or nonhierarchical structure
See: Macintosh file system (MFS)
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A Syntax for Describing Media Feature Sets, IETF RFC-2533 March 1999 Media Features for Display, Print and Fax, IETF RFC-2534 March 1999
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Micro Filtration System, it serves full automatic solid/ liquid separation.
Massage and full sex
Message Formatting Services. A component of IMS to provide device and data format independence for messages.
Message Format Service
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Medicare fee schedule