Definitions for "Mezzanine "
Same as Entresol.
A partial story which is not on the same level with the story of the main part of the edifice, as of a back building, where the floors are on a level with landings of the staircase of the main house.
A flooring laid over a floor to bring it up to some height or level.
Stage of a company's development just prior to going public, in Venture Capital language. Venture capitalists entering at that point have a lower risk of loss than at previous stages and can look forward to early capital appreciation as a result of the Market Value gained by an Initial Public Offering.
Loan finance which is halfway between equity and secured debt, either unsecured or with junior access to security.
Also called "bridge financing" in venture capital deals, this form of financing is usually a very short term loan program. It can be used by a company that is in a short-term transitional phase.
The area of a Metrorail station that is near the entrance level which contains the fare gate, fare vendors and kiosk.
The level of a station between the entrances and the platforms, often including the control area. French: mezzanine.
Mezzanine is the title of the third full-length album from Bristol-based trip-hop innovators Massive Attack. Released in 1998, it marked the moment when the dark undercurrents which had always been present in the collective's music came to the fore.
The termed used to describe a daughter card which plugs into another card [motherboard] which is then plugged a backplane. [ Mezzanine Card Manufacturers
Mezzanine is a set of tools which simplify the management of software packages and collections of software packages. It provides encapsulation for source and package management as well as a streamlined mechanism for making changes to these packages.
A platform supported with structural members, used for storage or operations; constructed at a height which permits movement of people and equipment below.