Definitions for "Metropolitan"
Of or pertaining to the capital or principal city of a country; as, metropolitan luxury.
Of, pertaining to, or designating, a metropolitan or the presiding bishop of a country or province, his office, or his dignity; as, metropolitan authority.
The superior or presiding bishop of a country or province.
The area equivalent to the Perth Statistical Division defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 1997. The Perth Statistical Division comprises the following local government areas: Armadale Cottesloe Mosman Park South Perth Bassendean East Fremantle Mundaring Stirling Bayswater Fremantle Nedlands Subiaco Belmont Gosnells Peppermint Grove Swan Cambridge Kalamunda Perth Victoria Park Canning Kings Park Rockingham Vincent Claremont Kwinana Rottnest Island Wanneroo Cockburn Melville Serpentine-Jarrahdale
Definitions of MSA, PMSA & CMSA] MICRO-MICRO THEORY: concerned with the "study of what goes on inside the black box" (i.e. the artifact of classical micro-economic theory of the firm). See Leibenstein, Journ. of Econ.Lit. June 1979, p.478. Milestones Subprojects into which a project is broken up (to be able to monitor development progress and adhere to deadlines. milestone stabilizations: while there may be some freedom to make changes to the design of an evolving product, there is a need to adhere to intermittent milestone deadlines. [see Cusumano & Selby, p.415)
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Located within the boundaries of a metropolitan area.
relating to or characteristic of a metropolis; "metropolitan area"
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a person who lives in a metropolis