Definitions for "Metropolis "
The mother city; the chief city of a kingdom, state, or country.
Any large city.
One or more central cities and their surrounding suburbs that dominate the economic and cultural life of a region.
Metropolis is a musical based on the 1927 movie of the same name that was staged at the Piccadilly Theatre in London in 1989. The music was written by Joe Brooks while he and Dusty Hughes wrote the lyrics. The show was directed by Jerome Savary.
Metropolis is a television news music package created by Stephen Arnold for WFLA, the NBC station in Tampa, Florida. Metropolis made its on-air debut on WFLA's 5:00pm newscast on March 20th, 2000.
"Metropolis" is a single released in 1992 by The Future Sound of London under the alias 'Metropolis'. Its sound is typical of early ninties electronica releases and has a distinctly house feel to it with a funky break-beat and baseline and a choppy, repeating electro riff.
Metropolis is a silent science fiction film created by the famed Austrian director Fritz Lang. Produced in Germany in the Babelsberg Studios during the brief years of the Weimar Republic and released in 1927, it was the most expensive silent film of the time, costing approximately 7 million Reichsmark (equivalent to around $200 million in 2005) to make.Richard Scheib (2003), Metropolis review. Retrieved November 24, 2005.
Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis or Robotic Angel (in Germany) is a manga by Osamu Tezuka and an anime movie loosely based on the manga.
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Metropolis is an album by industrial rock band Sister Machine Gun.
Metropolis is the first LP from the band Swords, but the third release from the group, originally named The Swords Project.
Metropolis is a compilation album by Client released in 2006. The album containes b-sides and remixes.
A stronghold of provincialism.
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Metropolis is a Web site and content management software that allows you to define your page layout once, and then lets you add pages without ever again having to worry about how the page looks again. Among a host of practical features, like secure uploading of files, built-in file management, and backup/restore, there is also "MetroScript", a full blown scripting system with PHP-like syntax.
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The seat, or see, of the metropolitan, or highest church dignitary.
a navigational landscape, a series of adventures for the engaged