Definitions for "Metrics"
A measure used to determine the effectiveness and value of implemented HR programs in increasing performance and profits.
A standard or basis of measurement, such as cost, size, volume, etc.
In general metrics refers to the units by which one measures a given phenomena. Within the field of evaluation it refers to the measure of those specific activities which reflect the success of a program.
Metrics is a property of a route in computer networking, consisting of any value used by routing algorithms to determine whether one route should perform better than another. The routing table stores only the best possible routes, while link-state or topological databases may store all other information as well. For example, RIP uses hopcount (number of hops) to determine the best possible route.
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Font information such as ascent, descent, leading, character widths, and kerning.
All the numbers that you need to know in order to track your campaign results.
Term used to refer to message statistics such as open and click through tracking, number of bo unces, number of unsubscribes, etc.
the study of poetic meter and the art of versification