Definitions for "Meteor shower"
Keywords:  comet, swarm, shower, debris, sky
large number of meteors burning upon entering Earth's atmosphere, occurring when Earth's orbit passes through debris from a comet.
A spectacular display of meteors streaking through the sky at rates between several to hundreds per hour. Whenever Earth intercepts a stream of comet debris in orbit around the Sun, some of the debris falls into Earth's atmosphere, producing the meteor shower. Meteor velocities usually fall within a range of about 10 km/s and 70 km/s.
Bright streaks appearing to radiate from a common point in the sky; caused by a swarm of meteoroids entering Earth's atmosphere.
Keywords:  flurry, occur, year, time
a flurry of meteors that occur at about the same time every year
Keywords:  streak, shooting, star, light
a streak of light or a shooting star