Definitions for "Metastasis"
The migration of cancerous or malignant cells from the site of their origin to other parts of the body. Such cells may migrate to multiple new locations, making therapy more difficult and often leading to death.
The act or process by which matter is taken up by cells or tissues and is transformed into other matter; in plants, the act or process by which are produced all of those chemical changes in the constituents of the plant which are not accompanied by a production of organic matter; metabolism.
Spread of malignant (cancerous) cells from a tumor to other parts of the body. See cancer.
Audio application emphasizing on orchestral music composition and film scoring.
Metastasis, also Metastaseis ("dialectic transformations"), is an orchestral work for 65 musicians by Iannis Xenakis. His first major work, it was written in 1953-54 after his studies with Olivier Messiaen and is 8 minutes in length. The work was premiered at the 1955 Donaueschingen Festival with Hans Rosbaud conducting.
A change in the location of a disease, as from one part to another.
The placement of one Cyclode segment ( Cyclostage, Formante) behind another Cyclode segment. See Prostasis.
the transfer of cels from one part of an organ to another.
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A spiritual change, as during baptism.
Metastasis means the transmission of disease causing organisms