Definitions for "Metaphysics"
The science of real as distinguished from phenomenal being; ontology; also, the science of being, with reference to its abstract and universal conditions, as distinguished from the science of determined or concrete being; the science of the conceptions and relations which are necessarily implied as true of every kind of being; philosophy in general; first principles, or the science of first principles.
The scientific knowledge of mental phenomena; mental philosophy; psychology.
(a philosophy designed around the belief there is something beyond 3rd dimensional form and existence)
Speculation upon questions that are unanswerable to scientific observation, analysis, or experiment. Continuation of the human Soul and the existence of an afterlife is proven countless times through various forms of Mediumship. Mind The vehicle for consciousness.
Anglicization of a French term coined by Charles Richet as an alternative designation for the subject matter of parapsychology.
the manipulation of noetic symbols as if they were propositions
Pertaining to the cosmos, cosmic energy, and the metaphysical world.