Definitions for "metalanguage"
Keywords:  sgml, syntax, language, markup, xml
Any language that can be used to describe another language or system of symbols.
A language that describes other languages. SGML and XML can be considered metalanguages because they define markup languages.
A language used to describe a language. A metalanguage defines a language's constructs, such as character sets, syntax and valid sequences.
Keywords:  usbdi, usbd, udi, hba, adjectives
the communication protocol used by two or more cooperating modules. A metalanguage includes interface definitions for associated channel operations, control block structures, and service calls, as well as bindings to the use of UDI trace events and the definition of various types of UDI instance attributes. E.g., the SCSI Metalanguage is used for communication between SCSI peripheral drivers and SCSI HBA drivers; and the USBDI Metalanguage is used for communication between USB peripheral drivers and the USBD driver layer. When refering to a metalanguage used by a particular type of driver the adjectives "top-side" and "bottom-side" are sometimes applied: e.g., the SCSI Metalanguage is the top-side metalanguage for SCSI HBA drivers; the USBDI Metalanguage is the bottom-side metalanguage for USB peripheral drivers.