Definitions for "Messier, Charles"
Keywords:  comet, hunter, fuzzy, astronomer, knew
In the late 1700s, French astronomer Charles Messier (1730-1817) compiled a catalog of fuzzy objects he came across while searching for comets. Messier compiled a list of objects to avoid in order not to confuse them with comets. In 1771, a list of 45 entries was published with future updates as new lists of objects where generated. Messier's final list contained 103 entries. Several more objects were added after studies of Messier's papers and correspondence. The final list contained 110 objects. Ironically, Messier's list of astronomical objects turned out to be the deep-sky objects most visible in amateur astronomer's telescopes and one of the most popular deep-sky lists used by amateur astronomers today.
An 18th century comet hunter probably best known for compiling a list of 110 celestial objects known as the "Messier Catalog" that is still in use today.
A French astronomer and comet hunter who prepared one of the earliest catalogs of nebulous objects and star clusters. The entire Messier catalog of 110 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies can be seen with a 3-inch telescope under dark skies.