Definitions for "Messenger"
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A hawser passed round the capstan, and having its two ends lashed together to form an endless rope or chain; -- formerly used for heaving in the cable.
A small kind of cable, which being brought to the capstain and the cable by which the ship rides made fast to it, it purchases the anchor.
The linear supporting member, usually a high strength steel wire, used as the supporting element of a suspended aerial cable. The messenger may be an integral part of the cable, or exterior to it.
One who bears a message; the bearer of a verbal or written communication, notice, or invitation, from one person to another, or to a public body; specifically, an office servant who bears messages.
One who is trained by an ascended master to receive by various methods the words, concepts, teachings and messages of the Great White Brotherhood; one who delivers the Law, the prophecies and the dispensations of God for a people and an age. Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet are messengers of the Great White Brotherhood for The Summit Lighthouse.
a person who carries a message
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A pin that rolls across the lane (usually on a pocket hit) and knocks down another pin (usually the ten pin).
A pin that rolls across the lane bed to knock down additional pins.
A hit pin which knocks down other pins. Also, a Columbia 300 bowling ball.
a craft made to travel up the kiteline under sail power and, on reaching a predesignated point, to detune the sail and return to the ground
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Messenger (b. 1780) was an English thoroughbred stallion bred by a John Pratt and imported into the newly formed United States of America just after the American Revolution. Along with three other stallions (Medley, Sharp, and Diomed), Messenger provided the type of foal, both filly and colt, that was needed for the era of long distance (stamina and speed) racing popular in the early days of the American sport.
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Messenger is a 2004 novel by Children's author Lois Lowry. It forms the third installment of the loose trilogy begun by her 1993 novel The Giver, which won the Newbery Medal. Characters from the two earlier books reappear in Messenger, linking the novels more strongly.
Originally printed in Birmingham, England, and edited by a Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (along with a member who worked for the LDS Church), this Mormon fundamentalist publication began in 1991, and was in print until 2006. Their involvement in the magazine was possibly one of the factors that led to their excommunication from the LDS church.
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Messenger is Edwin Mc Cain's third major-label album, released on June 15, 1999. It was recorded at Tree Sound Studios & Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Georgia, and Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles, California, and released by Lava Records.
The MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging (or MESSENGER for short) is a NASA mission, launched August 3, 2004, designed to study the characteristics and environment of Mercury from orbit. Specifically, the scientific objectives of the mission are to characterize the chemical composition of Mercury's surface, the geologic history, the nature of the magnetic field, the size and state of the core, the volatile inventory at the poles, and the nature of Mercury's exosphere and magnetosphere over a nominal orbital mission of one Earth year. The mission will be the first to return to Mercury in over 35 years — the only previous probe to visit Mercury was Mariner 10, which completed its mission in March, 1975.
or courier. In temperament and habit, a cabbie with Green credentials who specialises in packages rather than passengers.
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One who, or that which, foreshows, or foretells.
A brass weight, usually hinged and with a latch so that it can be fastened around a wire, used to actuate Nansen bottles and other oceanographic instruments after they have been lowered to the desired depth.
A person appointed to perform certain ministerial duties under bankrupt and insolvent laws, such as to take charge of the estate of the bankrupt or insolvent.
Person appointed by the Speaker of the House to assist him or her on the House floor.
A family of remote monitoring systems (also know and remote telemetry units or RTU's) designed and manufactured by Gems Remote Monitoring.
Means the same as custodian, and any other person in the regular employ of the insured and duly authorized to have the care and custody of the insured property while being conveyed outside the premises.
A nerve that carries impulses from the receptor and the brain
an electronic communication of announcements about internal campus activities and information
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an object that allows you to package and send data
Messenger is the component of Netscape Communicator that is used to read and send e-mail.
a person without authority to make the decision, who will report back to the real decision maker
a result of expression of its corresponding gene
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a carrier of an ITEM
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a must for a girl with a plan
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a personality