Definitions for "Messaging"
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The creation, storage, exchange, and management of text, images, voice, telex, fax, e-mail, paging, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) over a communications network.
1. A general term for technologies or services that move text or voice messages from user to user, application to application or place to place, providing a service analogous to that of the paper postal service and providing an infrastructure along which messages may be moved. Examples of messaging systems include e-mail, voice messaging and instant messaging. Systems that combine text and voice message functions are known as unified messaging systems. See instant messaging, voice mail and unified messaging. 2. A middleware term for a simple, one-way transfer of data; also known as "message passing." See message passing.
Broad term encompassing electronic communications, including electronic mail, Instant Messaging (IM), and chat rooms, all of which can be public records (see E-mail messages and e-mail system).
One-to-one communication. Messaging comes in several flavors (not all implemented as yet), including text messaging, audio messaging and video messaging.
creating an image with words of what you can do for employers. Leaders tend to be highly visual, and by effectively "painting a picture with words" you can create the image of you working successfully in their environment. This is the most compelling type of communication and plants the image of success in the hiring manager's mind. Messaging is based upon your 5 Strengths and is central to the themes of your resume, cover letter, interview, and negotiation strategy. Every message you deliver is powerful, consistent, and true, creating the desired image and outcome. Your messaging is the product of Discover Your Direction.
The ability for objects to communicate to each other by calling each others methods.
The process where a message is the delivery vehicle for service requests and replies.
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Any system that allows messages to be left.