Definitions for "Message Board"
Keywords:  forum, bulletin, discuss, reply, post
A simple structure and easy to install script for Message Board. Does not require any database. Allows view msg. threads, view all replies to given msg. and search all msgs. by keywords.
similar to a guestbook; displays visitor messages for all to see
The Internet is full of virtual communities where users can interact in a number of ways. Message Boards are one of the most popular forums for this. They are devided by topics and allow users to send (POST) messages to public areas where they are displayed for all to see. Unlike NEWSGROUPS, Message Boards are specific to particular websites.
a good place for info on the car
a great addition to any Web site
a great means of solving your computer software and hardware problems and educating yourself about those that your fellow users are suffering so you may avoid falling into the same difficulties
a far bigger time committment than a blog, because it's another thing I have to remember to do, another ball to juggle
a far more organized format, and will give you more control
Invaluable means of exchanging information and ideas with other investors on the Internet. Remember, though, make all investment decisions on the basis of your own research, not someone else's tip.
Keywords:  webpage, directory, displays
a webpage which displays a directory of messages
A named KB workspace that can be the destination of messages from an inform action.
Keywords:  subject, way, share, users, internet
a public way to share information on any subject through other Internet users