Definitions for "Mental health"
A state of being that is relative rather than absolute. The best indices of mental health are simultaneous success at working, loving, and creating, with the capacity for mature and flexible resolution of conflicts between instincts, conscience, important other people, and reality.
Having all our mental and emotional processes functioning in ways which enable us to make quality relationships and have quality of life. The term developed from the mind-body split which underlay western philosophy and science for 400 years. Just as there is physical health, so it was assumed there is mental health. While there are clearly some conditions which relate to brain functioning, the distinction between mental and physical health is increasingly being recognised as unhelpful though it is unlikely that we will have a new term in the immediate future.
As well as acute and chronic conditions, such as schizophrenia and clinical depression, it includes dementia, and other mental health problems of older people, and problems arising from misuse of drugs, alcohol or other substances.
A dynamic process in which a person's physical, cognitive, affective, behavioural and social dimensions interact functionally with one another and with the environment.
A relatively enduring state of being in which an individual is reasonably satisfying to self, as reflected in his/her zest for living and feeling of self-realization. It also implies a large degree of adjustment to the social environment, as indicated by the satisfaction derived from interpersonal relationships, as well as achievements.
the capacity of individuals to interact with one another and the environment in ways that promote subjective well-being, optimal development and use of mental abilities (cognitive, affective and relational).
Generally having a positive outlook, being comfortable with yourself and
has to do with how you feel about yourself, how you feel about others, and how you are able to meet and handle the demands of life. It describes the ability to balance problems with appropriate coping skills.
The legislation for those suffering from mental illness is concerned with custody and care, and also with responsibility for any crimes committed.