Definitions for "memorabilia"
Mementos of past events; souvenirs.
Anything which reminds you of an event or time in your life. Artwork, matchbooks, postcards, tickets, locks of hair, and brochures are all memorabilia.
collectors items such as clothing, printed matter, backstage passes, etc
The Memorabilia are also known by the Greek title Apomnemoneumata, and a variety of English translations (Recollections, Memoirs, etc.). The lengthiest and most famous of Xenophon's Socratic writings, the Memorabilia is a more conventional apologia (defense) of Socrates than either Xenophon's Apology or Plato's Apology, as both of those works illustrate Socrates' defiance at his trial, rather than making the case for his defense. The Memorabilia was probably completed only after 371, as one passage (3.5) appears to assume the military situation after the Spartan defeat at the battle of Leuctra in that year.
Things remarkable and worthy of remembrance or record; also, the record of them.
a record of things worth remembering
n. a collection of all sorts of (objects) information as from the past.
Collection of objects that have a sentimental value.