Definitions for "Memoir"
A memorial account; a history composed from personal experience and memory; an account of transactions or events (usually written in familiar style) as they are remembered by the writer. See History, 2.
a narrative composed from a personal experience that focuses on the significance of the relationship between the writer and another individual (or thing) and is supported by memories of specific experiences
A written account of an author's personal experiences.
An account of something deemed noteworthy; an essay; a record of investigations of any subject; the journals and proceedings of a society.
an essay on a scientific or scholarly topic
a report of investigations in a specialized field, often presented to, or issued by a scholarly society
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an impression of events, the gist of conversation, if not the precise language
a record of events based on an individual's personal observations
a subjective retelling of events," Frey told King
a personal recollection
a poignant recollection of a family surviving both financial and social difficulties
A memorial of any individual; a biography; often, a biography written without special regard to method and completeness.
a book written from memory, and memory is subjective and selective
a book written to soothe a damaged psyche
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a gossip-hound's dream
a personal account -- not an academic book full of footnotes and citations, or an instruction manual that could cause mistakes in construction to be made
a very personal document
a very personal thing and I hesitate to criticize so I will tread lightly
a manifesto is a lesbian fucking literature
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a satisfying read
a very worthwhile read
Keywords:  amazing, piece, work
an amazing piece of work
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an imperfect animal
a dark window into a world rarely seen by Canadian post-secondary students
a text which, in my opinion, should be a part of every student's university curriculum