Definitions for "Melodrama"
Formerly, a kind of drama having a musical accompaniment to intensify the effect of certain scenes. Now, a drama abounding in romantic sentiment and agonizing situations, with a musical accompaniment only in parts which are especially thrilling or pathetic. In opera, a passage in which the orchestra plays a somewhat descriptive accompaniment, while the actor speaks; as, the melodrama in the gravedigging scene of Beethoven's "Fidelio".
a play with extravagant theatricality, superficial characterization, and predominance of plot and physical action. Example: "The Pedestrian," a melodrama by Ray Bradbury, 2m.
A type of drama employing music to heighten or underscore the emotional content. Plots typically are founded upon situations in which virtue is ultimately rewarded.
Melodrama is the debut album from Israeli psychedelic trance duo Vibe Tribe, released in November 2004. The audio mastering was made by Astral Projection member Lior Perlmutter and the artwork by Czech artist Jan Moravec. Originally the album was supposed to be called V.B.-3B. and "Rearranged" was originally called Eye Cue.
what ensues when the leading soprano won't follow the conductor
a collaboration between Matt Fontaine (lyrics and direction)
Works with two-dimensional characters and sentimental, sensational action.
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a story about someone to whom things happen