Definitions for "Melange"
A mixture; a medley.
A body of rock that forms along the inner wall of an ocean trench and is made up of fragments of lithosphere and oceanic sediment that have undergone metamorphism.
A formation found at convergent plate boundaries consisting of a heterogeneous mixture of rock materials in which fragments of diverse composition, size, and texture were mixed and consolidated by tremendous deformational pressure.
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Different coloured yarns knitted together to form a heathered look.
A mixed parcel of diamonds of varying grades and sizes.
A mix of different colors of yarns knit together to create a heathered effect.
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Melange is the name of the fictional drug (also known as [the] spice) central to the Dune series of science fiction novels by Frank Herbert, and derivative works. Its flavor strongly resembles that of cinnamon; however, each subsequent tasting reveals a different flavor.
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a motley assortment of things
A collection of various Java utility interfaces and classes, concentrating on collections, data structures, algorithms, number theory, matrices, and other mathematical constructs.
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