Definitions for "Medicinal"
Chemical or phenolic character; can be the result of wild yeast, contact with plastic, or sanitizer residue.
A detrimental coffee taste sensation characterized by a penetrating sour sensation on the posterior sides of the tongue. Caused by alkaloids increasing the sourness of the acids without any taste modulation of sweetness.
Having a chemical or phenolic taste resulting from wild yeast, contact with plastic, or sanitizer residue.
Having curative or palliative properties; used for the cure or alleviation of bodily disorders; as, medicinal tinctures, plants, or springs.
items use for a medical purpose, usually to cure or relieve a disease
A plant with health-promoting or curative properties, providing symptomatic relief or affecting physiological functions.
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Herbal aromatics, not necessarily unpleasant, may evoke alcohol or witch hazel.
Keywords:  evocative, memories, liquid
Evocative of memories of liquid medicines.
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Of or pertaining to medicine; medical.
Keywords:  herbs, drugs, properties
having the properties of medicine; "medicative drugs"; "medicinal herbs"; "medicinal properties"
Relating to medicine, especially having healing properties.