Definitions for "Medicare Supplement Policy"
a voluntary, contributory private insurance plan available to Medicare eligibles to cover the costs of deductibles, coinsurance, physicians’ services and other medical and health services not covered by Medicare. Also, called Medigap policies. ational Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) — an independent, private sector group that reviews care quality and other procedures of managed care organizations to render an accreditation.
A policy guaranteeing that a health plan will pay a policyholder's coinsurance, deductible, and co-payments and will provide additional health plan or non-Medicare coverage for services up to a predefined benefit limit.
The traditional federal Medicare insurance program doesn't pay the total amount of medical expenses. Expenses that are not covered are called "gaps" in Medicare coverage. Private insurance companies sell insurance policies that fill some of these gaps and pay for some of these expenses. These policies are known as Medicare supplement or "Medigap" policies.