Definitions for "Mediation"
The act of mediating; action or relation of anything interposed; action as a necessary condition, means, or instrument; interposition; intervention.
Hence, specifically, agency between parties at variance, with a view to reconcile them; entreaty for another; intercession.
Process designed to assist parent(s), school or infant learning program personnel in resolving disagreements regarding the provision of an appropriate public education for children with disabilities under Part B and Part C of IDEA 04. Mediation is a voluntary process agreed to by a parent and the District and provided at no cost.
Mediation - a central concept in traditional magical thinking - is an act of crossing the borders of sacrum and profanum. It was traditionally associated with things like: advancing between different stages of human life, changing the role in society, passing the border between civilized/known/home world and natural/unknown world, transgression of social constrains and other things.
The theological principle that God reveals himself to us, encounters us and acts upon us through secondary causes: persons, places, events, nature, history, tangible realities and decisively in and through the humanity of Jesus Christ.
Functionality provided by an ESB on XML messages and documents that flow through the bus. Mediation facilities include data transformation and content augmentation, dynamic routing, and customized handlers.
Musculoskeletal disorder
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MLS Mortgage Banker
an informal meeting held when parents and school district personnel cannot agree on a child's educational program; this step comes before a due process hearing.
The process between temporary gains and permanent.
When a mortgage payment does not cover all of the interest that is due, the unpaid amount is added to the principal balance, causing the loan balance to increase instead of decrease.
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used to treat stress and manage pain.
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a contract that can be enforced in court just like any other contract
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Bringing in an outside person(s) to help end a fight.