Definitions for "Mediate"
Being between the two extremes; middle; interposed; intervening; intermediate.
Acting by means, or by an intervening cause or instrument; not direct or immediate; acting or suffering through an intervening agent or condition.
To be in the middle, or between two; to intervene.
To help resolve conflicts.
To settle differences between two parties.
to resolve or settle by working with all parties involved
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"Mediate" is a song by INXS from their 1987 album, Kick. The song is a segue from their big hit single, Need You Tonight. The song has the distinction of having almost every line rhyme with the word "ate" (as in "Mediate").
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(MEE-dee-ate) accomplished indirectly
Gained or effected by a medium or condition.
To effect by mediation or interposition; to bring about as a mediator, instrument, or means; as, to mediate a peace.
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To divide into two equal parts.
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See Mediator.