Definitions for "MEC"
Member of Executive Council in a Provincial Administration
Model Energy Code. A building code that requires houses to meet certain energy efficiency-related minimums such as insulation levels or energy consumption. Like most building codes, it is adopted on either a state or local basis, if at all, and may be amended.
Metropolitan Educational Council
A "MEC" is a modified endowment contract. A modified endowment contract is a life insurance contract that does not satisfy the "7-Pay Test" as referenced in the Internal Revenue Code Section 7702A.
Modified Endowment Contract. A special class of life insurance. Funds withdrawn from a MEC policy in the form of policy loans, partial surrenders, assignments, and pledges are treated as gross income to the recipient and therefore subject to taxation.
Munitions and Explosives of Concern
"Minimum Explosive Concentration."
Minimum effective concentration. the lowest concentration of active ingredient necessary to meet the label claim of a reusable high level disinfectant/sterilant.
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robot. Did we really need another word? Of course not. Did we need to change roadster to car, icebox to fridge? ["mechanical"
Minority Elderly Care, a research project supported initiated by PRIAE and supported by the European Commission
Millennium Eco-Communities/Environment Canada initiative
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Magna Entertainment Corp
McDowell Environmental Center
Commonly found in high-performance server and workstation designs where maximum memory capacity is required, a Memory Expansion Card (MEC) is used to allow for maximum memory slot availability (8, 12 or even 16 memory sockets), without sacrificing motherboard real estate.
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Mountain Equipment Co-op
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Marine Extension Clause
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Main Engine Controller
Mechanical, Electrical, Communication