Definitions for "Meaty"
Keywords:  chewy, plenty, chewable, fleshy, syrah
red wines with plenty of concentration; sometimes with a slight aroma of cooked meat
A red wine that is sturdy, full-bodied, and chewy.
A substantial and full-bodied fruit flavour, often just as the tannin is beginning to allow the emergence of the fruit.
The quality of being able to carry a good portion of meat in proportion to the bone, size, and type of the rabbit. A noticeably well proportioned meatiness of the forequarters, back, loin, and hindquarters.
The quality of being able to carry a large proportion of meat for the size and type of rabbit. A noticeable meatiness at the forequarters, back, saddle, loins, and haunches.
(but we’ll say savoury here) full-bodied, flavoursome
As in "gamey," above, a specific kind of "earthy" quality, quite literally reminiscent of raw beef, sometimes found in red Rhones.
Suggesting a general savouriness; but also literally the aroma of meat: raw, smoked etc. Often applied to merlot, shiraz.
Keywords:  abounding
Abounding in meat.
A combination of Crunch and Warmth. Pleasant amount of low frequencies, perhaps with some euphonic distortion or compression.
like or containing meat; "enough of vegetarianism; let's have a meaty meal"
having substance and prompting thought; "a meaty discussion"