Definitions for "MEAT"
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Food, in general; anything eaten for nourishment, either by man or beast. Hence, the edible part of anything; as, the meat of a lobster, a nut, or an egg.
The flesh of animals used as food; esp., animal muscle; as, a breakfast of bread and fruit without meat.
To supply with food.
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The essence of something. A wonderful commercial on TV in America many, many years ago had a charming little old lady asking: "Where's the beef?" This became an often heard saying.
Meat is a fortunate omen for business affairs. To dream of buying meat suggest it is a bad time to take any kind of business risk. Cutting meat in a dream indicates a coming increase in material wealth. Cooking meat predicts a change of circumstances. Throwing spoiled meat away signifies you will have a lucky escape from a potential danger.
124] For a woman to dream of raw meat, denotes that she will meet with much discouragement in accomplishing her aims. If she sees cooked meat, it denotes that others will obtain the object for which she will strive. [124] See Beef.
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The finished product of which we are the raw material. The contents of the Taj Mahal, the Tombeau Napoleon and the Granitarium. Worms'-meat is usually outlasted by the structure that houses it, but "this too must pass away." Probably the silliest work in which a human being can engage is construction of a tomb for himself. The solemn purpose cannot dignify, but only accentuates by contrast the foreknown futility. Ambitious fool! so mad to be a show! How profitless the labor you bestow Upon a dwelling whose magnificence The tenant neither can admire nor know. Build deep, build high, build massive as you can, The wanton grass-roots will defeat the plan By shouldering asunder all the stones In what to you would be a moment's span. Time to the dead so all unreckoned flies That when your marble is all dust, arise, If wakened, stretch your limbs and yawn -- You'll think you scarcely can have closed your eyes. What though of all man's works your tomb alone Should stand till Time himself be overthrown? Would it advantage you to dwell therein Forever as a stain upon a stone? Joel Huck
Most Economically Advantageous Tender
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the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "the gist of the prosecutor's argument"; "the heart and soul of the Republican Party"; "the nub of the story"
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This means units that stand in the front of a battle and soak up damage such as Grunts, Footmen, Mountain Giants, and so on.
Meat is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series.
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Dinner; the chief meal.
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