Definitions for "Measurement"
The extent, size, capacity, amount. or quantity ascertained by measuring; as, its measurement is five acres.
the dimensions of a gemstone, expressed in millimeters (i.e., height, width, and depth).
Measurement is the collection of quantitative data. Measurement involves comparison of the quantity of interest with a standard called a unit. The comparison is never perfect. As a result, measurements always include error. You must consider the reliability of the measurement when using it to make decisions or estimate other quantities.
Elementary mathematics, geometry, functions, and metric spaces. · 59 terms
Activity of measuring and analyzing developer productivity and quality.
A metric that reflects a specific characteristic of an application, service, device, etc. E.g., the response time of a web server is a measurement
the quantification of a property of an entity by means of an objective measuring instrument.
The quantification of changes in systems, including mathematics.
A process for making an observation or evaluation. Like any process, measurement involves the interaction of people, methods, materials, and equipment in an environment to produce an output in this case a number or evaluation. To extract meaning from measurements, the measurement process must be stable (in statistical control).
a way of expressing an observation with greater precision, provides a numerical value for some property of the object
Collecting data in a quantifiable manner.
a way of deciding the size, amount or degree of something
Comments below demonstrate the inadequacies of using units other than Linecounting to measure medical transcription services. Keystroke – The strike of a single key. Measures “input” only, reducing a macro to entry strokes rather than meaningful output terms. Gross line of transcription – A line of print with one or more printed characters. Obsolete and inconsistent; a gross line may consist of a single character or as many characters as will fit between the margins (See “line” above). Gross lines may be manipulated by margins and font sizes. Minute of dictation – A measure of access time to a dictation unit or system. The definition of access time may vary among units/systems, so that a minute of dictation is not consistent among units/systems. Page of transcription – One side of any size sheet of paper with one or more printed characters on it. Inconsistent since the paper can be of any size, with any number of printed characters.
a useful non-invasive predictor of the risk of ventricular tachyarrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in a number of different patient populations
value of reading taken of a phenomenon.. Number of data points in a sample.. sum of from two or more samples
The process of collecting data to assess performance conducted at a single point in time or repeated over time. The number of patients included in the sample size population; where possible and appropriate, the sample size is statistically significant. The total patient population for an Organization; not a statistical sample.
an entailment that is characterized by a mapping from ontological events in a natural process to epistemological propositions in a formal system in the Modeling Relation
a tool we use to create a map, if only in our minds
The act or result of measuring; mensuration; as, measurement is required.
The act or process of quantitatively comparing results with requirements.
the act or process of measuring; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"
a sine wave swept across a desired frequency range
A rating indicating the level of attainment of a desired quality; a percentage of correct answers on a given test. In criterion-referenced assessment, assessment is specified as degrees of attainment (a score or a rating) based on what is possible.
ARM Program Measurements [within Geophysical Focus Areas (GFA)] A value which represents a physical attribute of the environment. Examples include wind speed, air temperature, total direct radiation, etc. Note: The classification of ARM measurements into geophysical focus areas is currently incomplete. If you do not find the results you expect, you should use the instruments "search path" instead. Links ARM Measurements Page (Note: The measurements shown are an incomplete list) available measurements by data source (Note: This is an incomplete list of data sources)
The systematic investigation of people's attributes.
Process of assigning a number to an attribute of a person or an object; the process of obtaining test scores
The assignment of numbers to objects.
The process of assigning numbers or categories to performance according to specified rules.
a parameter that numerically characterizes TBFs
The result of reading a sensor. A typical measurement is the value of the beam position.
Normally a numerical value.
A tool used to provide feedback to the learner and the trainer to determine where the learner is in relation to the ultimate goal or objective.
Any input date value - reserved in the Escendency system to refer to non-performance indicator measurements used to create equations (see Equation Builder, Measurements).
a static indicator, and to manage you need a plan, targets and tactical decisions
a static indicator - for example, you can measure sales from one week to the next
The procedure of applying a standard scale to a variable or a set of values.
An operational definition: what and how the indicators of a variable are measured in a study (Fortune, 1999)
Same as "process variable."
a comparison to a standard
Determining the characteristics of something, regulation through the use of a standard, and making comparisons to a reference such as the performance of others.
a frequency compensation intended to model human hearing response
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