Definitions for "MDF"
medium density fibre board
Medium-density fiberboard, a waste-wood product that is made with fine wood fiber. It is available in sheet form for cutting or as precut molding and shelving. In the USA it comes in laminate, veneer, and paint finishes.
Medium Density Fiber Board
Main Distribution Frame. The cut-down frame for the wire leaving the CO to the outside plant.
Multinomial Distribution Function
A distribution frame on one part of which terminate the permanent outside lines entering the central office building and on another part of which terminate the subscriber line multiple cabling, trunk multiple cabling, etc.
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Madeira De Fibra
Managed Derivatives Fund. A futures fund or a hedge fund specializing in derivatives instruments.
market development funds. A manufacturer's money offer to retailers in a market to advertise or introduce their products.
Market Development Funds. Advertising and/or promotional funds provided by manufacturers/suppliers to their customers that are offered to meet specific marketing objectives. Often requiring less complete proof of performance documentation than traditional co-op allowance programs, these funds are generally negotiated by a company's sales force with their customers to meet competitive offers, respond to customer's "vendor programs," or to target funds to a specific geographical area or product emphasis. The laws regarding trade allowances, The Robinson Patman Act, apply to MDF programs, so a review by a company's legal counsel is suggested before this type of program is implemented.
MOX Demonstration Facility, the MOX fabrication pilot plant at Sellafield
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Mule Deer Foundation
A detailed formal methodology for Health Level Seven (HL7) message development, adopted by the HL7 organization in 1997.
Minerals Development Framework. Minerals Development Frameworks will in the future, replace Minerals Local Plans. The MDF will comprise a folder of documents for delivering the spatial strategy for the area consistent with the Community Strategy (prepared by the authority under the Local Government Act 2000) and in general conformity with the Regional Spatial Strategy (which will replace current Regional Planning Guidance).
Mediterranean Development Forum
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Menu Definition File
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Mean daily frequency - the average of a measurement made once per day during a month.
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See .mdf in this Glossary.