Definitions for "MDA"
Monochrome Display Adaptor. The original standard for a computer's display. It can only display text in 25 lines of 80 characters.
Monochrome Display Adapter. It provides very sharp, readable text, but no graphics, on a monochrome screen. (7/96)
Multiple Docking Adaptor
See Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
Model Driven Architecture. A new approach to application development being promoted by the Object Management Group. In essence, the idea is that organizations out to create abstract class models of their applications and then use those models to generate specific models and software code. The idea behind MDA is that the same abstract model could be used to generate different types of code. Thus, rather than creating new applications when new technologies come along, a company could have a high-level architecture and reusable components that it could use over and over again for many years. This approach is in the early stages of development but it has attracted quite a bit of attention. Compare with Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE).
Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is an approach to software development defined and maintained by the OMG. MDA separates the solution logic from the implementation details for a specific platform. MDA is one of many methodologies for applying UML to software development. For more information, visit the MDA pages of the OMG Web site.
An amphetamine similar to ecstasy
3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine-a common variety of amphetamine.
One of several hallucinogenic "designer drugs" with psychedelic properties that are manufactured by basement chemists.
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Magen David Adom
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See Medical Devices Agency.
Medical Devices Agency. An executive agency of the Department of Health whose function is to evaluate and determine 'fitness for purpose' for all medical devices used in the NHS (
The UK Department of Health's Medical Devices Agency, which is the UK Competent Authority for the MDD.
MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates. Canadian company manufacturing remote sensing acquisition and processing equipment.
Manufacturing Defect Analisys
The Museum Documentation Association
Mine Development Associates
Muscular Dystrophy Association. A not-for-profit organization supporting services, advocacy, research and public information in the area of neuromuscular dystrophy, a group of genetic disorders affecting muscles.
Minimum detectable activity. See lower limit of detection.
Minimum Detectable Activity. MDA is a characteristic of the instrument or measurement method. It indicates the instrument's (or method) limitation to detect radioactive material.
Minimum Descent Altitude
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MDL Meals and entertainment expense
See: Multiple discriminant analysis
Management s Discussion and Analysis
Multiple discriminant analysis. Multiple listing Multiple peril insurance
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MS Access Add-in or MS Access 2 Workgroup
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Maritime Domain Awareness
Milestone Decision Authority
Abbreviation for "master decorative artist," the highest level of certification awarded by the Society of Decorative Painters.
Message Digital Authentication