Definitions for "MCI"
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Message Channel Interface. In the context of IBM's MQSeries; the interface to which customer or ISV written programs that transmit messages between an MQSeries queue manager and another messaging system must conform.
Message channel interface. In MQSeries, an interface to which customer or user-written programs that transmit message between an MQSeries queue manager and another messaging system must conform.
Stands for media control interface. Controls multimedia devices and includes standard commands, such as Open, Close, and Play; C functions; and MPEG.
Municipale Commerciale et Industrielle
Massacre Canyon Inn, the wog name of the large dining and clubhouse facility that used to be the large restaurant and dancefloor facility for the Gilman Hot Springs resort, and today this large building is the dining hall for the whole INT Base, and their local event space and auditorium type facility for all base meetings.
ass asualty ncident. An MCI is generally declared when the number of patients at a single incident overwhelms the first-due ambulance corps' ability to treat and transport. Monroe County has standardized the definition of MCI to an incident producing 11 or more patients. The MCI response plan is broken up into levels based on the number of additional patients. There is a different MCI preplan for each quadrant of the County. Above about 50 patients, the plan does not call for ambulances to respond from any more squads. Instead, the ambulances that have already responded and transported patients to hospitals should return to the staging area for re-use. A call for an MCI response with a specific number of casualties will get a designated number of ambulances and ALS units from specified departments. The MCI plan is written so as not to strip any community of all of its ambulances. If the situation warrants, ambulances from more distant communities can be relocated into areas with insufficient coverage. (see Mutual Aid)
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Not the phone company. A make of over-the-road tour buses. Like Greyhound's, but nicer.
multiple cropping index. The sum of the areas planted to different crops harvested during the year, divided by the total cultivated area.
Monetary Conditions Index
Multiple cropping index. The ratio of harvested crop area to land area in a stated period, usually one year. It is usually expressed as a percentage.
Macedonian Orthodox Church of North America
MCI was a company that manufactured recorders for multitrack recording in professional recording studios. One of their most successful products was the model JH-24 recorder, which recorded 24 tracks of audio to reels of 2" wide tape at either 15 or 30 inches per second.
Metal Corporation of India
U.S. transnational corporation
Master Configuration Index
Multiplex Configuration Information: information defining the configuration of the multiplex. It is carried in the FIC.
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Mild Cognitive Impairment
Malicious Call Identification¶ñÒâºô1/2
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meal, combat, individual
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military customs inspector
Management Charter Initiative .
A large telecommunications company that provides an email system called MCI Mail.