Definitions for "MCD"
Minor civil division. A Census unit of aggregation formally called ``County Subdivision (Census).'' MCDs are typically smaller than counties, and larger than VTDs. However, a single VTD may overlap several MCDs. MCDs are Census summary level 060; MCD codes are stored in the Census variable COUSUBCE. When MCDs are not well defined, we use the Census County Division (CCD), but for simplicity continue to refer to them as MCDs.
Missionary Care Division [includes: Pre- Field [PFD], Post- Field [PFM], Missionary Health [MHC], Debriefing [Dbf], Singles [SM] Crisis Care [CC], MK Ed [MK Ed], MK Ministries [MKM
Minor Civil Division. A supervisor's district, police jury district or township. Typically, subdivisions of a county.
MCD (Months for Cyclical Dominance) is defined as the shortest span of months for which the I/C ratio is less than unity. I and C are the average month-to-month changes without regard to sign of the irregular and trend-cycle component of the series, respectively. There is a convention that the maximum value of MCD should be 6. For quarterly series, there is an analogous measure, quarters for Cyclical Dominance (QCD), which has a maximum value conventionally defined as 2.
This device is a heel wrap located in the heel at the joining of the upper and midsole. It is designed to minimize rearfoot lateral movement and guide the runner into a proper gait cycle.
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abbrev. Mesial Carina Denticle count per 1mm
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McDonald Observatory
Mobile Communications Detachment
Abbreviation for "Multi-Communications Device"] Wireless products that combine such things as a digital cell phone, two-way radio, pager and Web access capabilities in a single device.
Multi Carrier Demodulator
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Mathcad Document
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Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Maintenance Cell Discription
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Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving
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MULTOS implemented IC chip, or smart card with the MULTOS chip.
The name of one of the Network Registrar internal databases. The other is CNRDB.
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this item originated at McDonald's restaurants (usually a Happy Meal toy).
Minimum Conversion Differential
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Management Control Data