Definitions for "MCB"
iniature ircuit reaker. A device protecting against overcurrent conditions; the modern equivalent of a fuse, with the advantage that it can be reset.
Miniature Circuit Breaker is an electrical circuit protection device used as an alternative to re-wireable and cartridge type fuses. It trips out when too much current flows in the circuit, typically under fault conditions.
Stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker.
Mission Creek Bikeway
the building letter code for the Mission Center Building, 1855 Folsom Street, San Francisco
This is an unit (block) of system memory. Allocated, changed and emptied by DOS on a start of a program or upon corresponding call. In memory, blocks are organized as list containing M-blocks and ending with a Z-block.
Map control block. An MCB is a structure used by file systems in mapping the VBNs for a file to the corresponding LBNs on the disk.
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Marine Corps Base
Marine Catchment Basin.
Multilateral Coordination Board. the international body that has to ensure coordination of activities of the International Partners related to the operation and utilization of the ISS.
Multiple Contract Billing. A convenient billing arrangement that Northwestern Mutual offers to organizations that pay premiums for groups of three or more contributors. An example would be a charity with multiple life insurance donors.
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Master Cell Bank
Molecular and Cell Biology
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Movement Control Battalion