Definitions for "MBR"
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Master Boot Record. An important record located on the first sector of every hard disk drive. MBR contains a table of all of the hard disk drive's partitions, the location of the operating system, and a program that loads the operating system into the RAM. Loss of MBR leads to unrecoverable loss of data on the disk.
Master Boot Record. The simple low level code which is contained in the first sector of storage mediums, like hard drives, CDs, floppy disks, that contains code on how to use and load information from that medium. It also contains other information about cluster sizes and partition information. This information is located in the first track at the beginning of the drive or disk.
Master Boot Records. All hard drives contain master boot records. A master boot record (MBR) contains special information about files and operating system components on a computer. Master boot records are commonly infected by viruses because they are so easily infected and can be used to spread the virus quickly to other computer by infecting floppy disks used on an infected system.
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Maximum Bit Rate. The absolute maximum bit rate allocated to a subscriber by a SLA. The system will allow the subscriber to burst up to the MBR.
maximum burst rate
Short for multiple (or multi) bit rate, and also known as adaptive streaming, MBR is a technique by which several streams, compressed at different bitrates, are encoded together into a single file. When the client calls for the media file, a negotiation between client and server determines the available bandwidth, and the appropriate stream is transmitted.
Minimal Bounding Rectangles
minimum bounding rectangle. A single rectangle that minimally encloses a geometry or a collection of geometries.
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An abbreviation for aster oot ecord.
Methyl Bromide. A chemical compound containing bromine, hydrogen and carbon. It is a pesticide used to fumigate soil and many agricultural products, which contributes to ozone depletion. See the Methyl Bromide table.
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Membrane Bioreactor
Marinebaurat Naval Construction Adviser
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Memory Buffer Register. This register serves as an interface between the CPU and main memory. Anything needed by the CPU (instruction or data) is first placed here before it goes to its final destination (such as the accumulator, IR, PC or other registers). Also, anything in the CPU that is to be stored in main memory comes here first before being copied into the main memory at the location specified by the address containd in the MAR.
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Multi-Brand Remote. A Remote Control that can also control different brands of TVS.
Material Balance Report. A term used in nuclear materials accountancy.