Definitions for "Maya"
The name (in Vedantic philosphy) for the doctrine of the unreality of matter, called, in English, idealism; hence, nothingness; vanity; illusion.
the Hindu goddess personifying the power that creates phenomena.
the power to produce illusions.
the Indian people occupying the area of Veracruz, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, and Yucatan, together with a part of Guatemala and a part of Salvador. The Maya peoples are dark, short, and brachycephalic, and at the time of the discovery had attained a higher grade of culture than any other American people. They cultivated a variety of crops, were expert in the manufacture and dyeing of cotton fabrics, used cacao as a medium of exchange, and were workers of gold, silver, and copper. Their architecture comprised elaborately carved temples and palaces, and they possessed a superior calendar, and a developed system of hieroglyphic writing, with records said to go back to about 700 a. d.
Native Americans populating regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.
People native to parts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. From archaeology we know that they were in this area by 3000 years ago (1000BC); they are still living today.
a family of American Indian languages spoken by Mayan peoples
Maya was an hour-long U.S. adventure television series that ran on NBC from September 16, 1967 until February 10, 1968. Set in the Indian jungle, it was about an American boy searching for his missing father, a big game hunter. It starred child Jay North as Terry Bowen, and Sajid Khan as Raji, a native boy who joined up with the lead.
Maya is a fictional character who appeared in the second series of the science fiction television program .
Maya is a music album by electronic artist Banco de Gaia which was released in 1994.
Maya (Bengali: মায়া) was a Bengali album of the Bangla band Moheener Ghoraguli. It was released in 1997.
Queen Maya, mother of Buddha.
Siddhartha's mother
Maya is an MVP (boss) monster found in the deepest part of her lair, Anthell. Maya appears to be a nude human female attached to a large insectoid body similar to that of a Queen ant. Maya is earth elemental and is part of the insect race.
The chief architect of the demons. When Krishna and Arjuna saved him from the fire in the Khandava forest, he became their friend and built a wonderful assembly hall for the Pandavas at Indraprastha.
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Maya (마야) (born Kim Young Sook (김영숙) on 17 November 1979) is a Korean singer. Her family includes one brother and 3 sisters. Her hobbies are skiing and scuba diving.
a nine year old Red Tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) who has had a chequered past
Maya was the Treasurer during the reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamun of the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt.
Maya is a character from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series.
A popular digital 3d modeling and animation software program.
This is a very popular art program used for computer modeling and animation.
a sophisticated commercial package for photorealistic animation production
a gifted intuitive healer and life coach with an amazing life story
a new summer school academic enrichment program designed for young, high-achieving students who are eager to earn advanced credits and learn in an accelerated and immersed academic environment
Maya is a high-end 3 D computer graphics and 3D modeling software package, originally by Alias Systems Corporation but now owned by Autodesk under its Media and Entertainment division. Autodesk acquired the software in October 2005 upon purchasing Alias. It is often used in the film and TV industry, as well as for computer and video games.
A 3rd party modeling program that can be used for creating intricate staticmeshes and/or skeletal meshes.
The dillusion of being wrapped up in the material world and attached to it.
Maya is a 3-D animation and rendering software that can be used for scientific visualization, simulation, video special effects and concept engineering.
The error of placing value on material things over the spiritual.
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the language of the Mayas.