Definitions for "Mauve "
Keywords:  lilac, pinkish, purple, lavender, pale
A color of a delicate purple, violet, or lilac.
Opaque pinkish lavender.
a moderate purple
Mauve constructs global multiple alignments of rearranged genome sequences. It also provides an interactive display of multi-species sequence conservation and any annotated features in those genomes. It can be applied for sequence comparison of both finished or incomplete genomes in multiple contigs.
Mauve computes and interactively visualizes genome sequence comparisons. Using FastA or GenBank sequence data, Mauve constructs multiple genome alignments that identify large-scale rearrangement, gene gain, gene loss, indels, and nucleotide substutition
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Mauve is a project to provide a free test suite for the Javaâ„¢ class libraries. Mauve is developed by the members of Kaffe, GNU Classpath, GCJ, and other projects. Unlike JUnit, Mauve is designed to run on various experimental Java virtual machines, where some features may be still missing.
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Phone tap without cutting into a line