Definitions for "Maturity"
Arrival of the time fixed for payment; a becoming due; termination of the period a note, etc., has to run.
The date on which a loan, bond, or debenture comes due; both principal and any accrued interest due must be paid.
The word used to describe the date, other than when a claim is made, on which a contract taken out for a specific length of time becomes payable by the product provider.   back
The state or quality of being mature; ripeness; full development; as, the maturity of corn or of grass; maturity of judgment; the maturity of a plan.
A term used to qualify the state of ripeness of tobacco in the field.
The stage in human development when the adult is seen as having achieved certain socially-acceptable levels of sexual, intellectual and emotional fullness. As defined by Erik Erikson, the adult at this stage develops the need to concern him/herself with the development of the next generation, either through parenthood or through the passing on of skills and knowledge to others.
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adv.: Period when you learn that everything is the fault of the younger generation; ant. Youth.
The period in a wines life that can be described "after youth but before its decline". It can be 3 years or 3 decades depending on the wine. Mature is a complimentary term as opposed to old or faded.
The termination period of a note (e.g., a 30-year mortgage has maturity of 30 years).
The age when the animal is able to produce young.
For a given species or stand, the approximate age or condition beyond which the growth rate declines or decay begins to assume economic importance.
Dogs require a certain degree of both physical and mental maturity to perform in obedience competition. While the novice exercises can be taught to the occasional six month old puppy, it would be unusual for that puppy to be able to handle the inevitable stress of showing at that age. Jumping higher than the dog's elbows should be delayed until after the dog is one year of age; older in larger breeds. Most competitive trainers aim to have the fundamentals of all three obedience classes (novice, open and utility) taught by the time the dog is two, and to exhibit the dog beginning at about that time. Every dog is different and whether that timetable can be met will depend not just on what the dog knows but on how s/he handles stress and excitement.
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This is a statement of the time in the hop harvest season at which the particular variety reaches optimal maturity. Harvesting in the United States occurs from about August 20 to September 20.
The time when a policy or annuity reaches it's natural end.
The time at which a loan, insurance policy or annuity reaches the end of its span.
In petroleum geology, the maturity of a rock is a measure of its state in terms of hydrocarbon generation. Maturity is established using a combination of geochemical and basin modelling techniques.
The time between the first notice day and the last trading day of a commodity futures contract. National Futures Association - (NFA): A futures industry supported, self-regulatory organization. Responsibilities include enforcing ethical standards, customer protection rules, evaluate futures professionals, audit those professionals for financial and compliance standards and provide conflict resolution for futures/options related disputes.
The period of time in a futures contract's life in which the seller can make physical delivery, and the buyer can take physical delivery of the cash grain.
Period within which a futures contract can be settled by delivery of the actual commodity; the period between the first notice day and the last trading day of a commodity futures contract.
The developmental stage of a plant in which it produces seeds.
The stage in the aging of wine that has developed all of its characteristic qualities to perfection.
The stage in the aging of wines when they have developed all of their characteristic qualities to full perfection.
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See Final Maturity.
End of life of a loan security when it is repaid.
The period of time a debt is owed before it or the final tranche has to be repaid.
A perfume must mature for four to eight week,. before it can go on sale. This time is necessary tc allow the individual ingredients to blend, bringing the fragrance to its full development.
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The condition of a fetus weighing 2,500 grams or more.
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Another word for redemption.
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The term used for the period it takes for a loan to close out.
A loan's maturity is the life of the loan; that is, how long you have to repay the loan. It usually applies to term loans and not lines of credit.
(known in Britain as Loan Term) The term of a loan, or the number of years for which the loan funds are advanced.
The point at which ceramics have had the correct amount of firing.
container Container Defines the parameters of when an instrument matures and is no longer negotiable or functional.
When an organism is capable of reproduction
The end of the lease term, assuming that all of the obligations contained in the lease agreement have been met.
Percentage of the portfolio's total net assets invested in securities with a maturity for a given time period range.
The time when a corporation repays borrowed money