Definitions for "MAT "
An ornamental border made of paper, pasterboard, metal, etc., put under the glass which covers a framed picture; as, the mat of a daguerreotype.
A decorative border placed around a picture to serve as a frame or to provide contrast between the picture and the frame.
Thin cardboard-like substance with a colored surface. Can be made of rag for finer art pieces or paper for decorative purposes. Comes in many patterns and colors, including ones that simulate leather, grasscloth, moire fabric, suede, and denim. A recent trend is toward neutral mats with embossed designs on them for a rich, textural feel. Typically framing uses either single or double mats with the inner mat (the one nearest the artwork) cut at .25".
Anything growing thickly, or closely interwoven, so as to resemble a mat in form or texture; as, a mat of weeds; a mat of hair.
To twist, twine, or felt together; to interweave into, or like, a mat; to entangle.
To grow thick together; to become interwoven or felted together like a mat, as hair when wetted with a sticky substance; as, a long-haired cat whose fur is matted.
To cover or lay with mats.
The most basic and essential of all Pilates apparatus. Exercises done on the mat work the Powerhouse, including the abs, and lay the groundwork for all other exercise equipment.
The most popular Pilates apparatus, since it is the most economical and can be used at home, on the job, or during vacations. It's a major foundation of the Method, as all exercises are done with natural movements. The exercises work the Powerhouse, including the abs, and lay the groundwork for all other exercise equipment. The Mat should be sturdy enough to provide strong support for your back. You may also work on a thick rug with a towel or blanket under you.
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A thick flat fabric of sedge, rushes, flags, husks, straw, hemp, or similar material, placed on the floor and used for wiping and cleaning shoes at the door, for covering the floor of a hall or room to protect its surface, and for other purposes.
Any similar flat object made of fabric or other material, such as rubber or plastic, placed flat on a surface for various uses, as for covering plant houses, putting beneath dishes or lamps on a table, securing rigging from friction, and the like.
Surface with minimal reflection. Mat is the opposite of gloss. See Flat
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80/16 of firecrackers.
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School of thought. A comprehensive philosophy of music govern­ing nature, use and codification of a considerable number of impor­ tant musical features. This term may be taken as a precursor to the contemporary concept of gharana.
Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia
Keep away from mats in your dreams, as they will usher you into sorrow and perplexities.
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Cast down; dejected; overthrown; slain.
In turf, an undecomposed mass of roots and stems hidden underneath green vegetation. Associated with sponginess or fluffiness in turf.
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a tangle of hair that grows into a huge, uncomb-able knot which needs to be cut or shaven out
Miller Analogies Test, an exam for graduate school
Microscopic agglutination test
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Macquarie Airports Trust
Master of Arts in Theology
a master's degree in teaching
Master Account Table. A file of active and inactive university accounts including allowable expenditure objects for the account; employees granted expenditure authority for the account; termination date of the account; allowable account, program and fund combinations; and responsible area, department and unit of the account.
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Manifold Air Temperature sensor Strategy input; The PCM uses this signal to adjust fuel and timing. 99 model/year engines. PID: MAT
Mats seen anywhere except in the front door , signify obstacles. Seen in front of a door the forecast unwelcome visitors.
Forestry Operations & Water Quality] see either " Bridgemat" or " Road mats"
this is another name for the window mount or passe-partout which surrounds the artwork, protecting it from touching the glass. The Mat is also used as part of the colour scheme for the overall effect, colours can be used to enhance or complement the image.
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A name given by coppersmiths to an alloy of copper, tin, iron, etc., usually called white metal.
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Minimum Alternate Tax
This is the minimum alternative tax, a minimum tax that a company must pay, even if it is under zero tax limits.
or Minimum Alternative Tax is the minimum tax that a company must pay, even if it is under zero tax limits.
The material between the substrate (e.g ceramic or silicon carbide filter) and its housing. The material holds the substrate in place and creates a seal, forcing the exhaust to travel through the cells of the substrate. It also isolates the substrate from shock and vibration and helps limit thermally generated stress.
True (Old Calendar) Orthodox Church of Greece
Marine/Aircraft/Train Radio Link
Marine, Aviation and Transport (insurance)
A hard rubber plate used to apply overprints on postage stamps.
Derogatory term used to describe a bodyboard
Media Access Time. The necessary time to access the memory location for read/write operations. Also equivalent to the reciprocal of Media Transfer Rate (MTR).
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Mobile Advisory Team
The actual mat that is placed by the team losing the last end, to start the next end. This is also known as having the Mat. The team with the mat always rolls the Jack. Newer rules allow the winning team to give away the mat, thereby losing control of the Jack, but ensuring they have the final bowl of the end (the Hammer).
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a small pad of material that is used to protect surface from an object placed on it
sometimes referred to as a pad. The pressure sensing portion of the fall risk monitoring system, providing a signal to the monitor, dependent on weight on or off the mat.
Microsoft Access Table (filename extension).
Sound File or Matlab Variables Binary File or MS Access Table Shortcut
Machine-Aided/Assisted Translation
Machine-assisted translation process, in which human translators use translation memory (TM) or machine translation aids. This will increase consistency and speed up the translators' work considerably.
is Management, Administrative, and Technological.
MAT is an easy-to-use network-enabled UNIX configuration and monitoring tool. It provides an integrated tool for many common system administration tasks, including backups, replication, and running commands on hundreds of machines at once. It includes a warning system for potential system problems, and graphing of many common system parameters.
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Monthly Average Treasury
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Mutually Agreed Terms
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Management Action Target
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'Mat without the electricity'.
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See matrix.
Material Matrix
Same as "Mattress."