Definitions for "Master Plan"
FCPS is working closely with the Maryland Department of Education to assure compliance with mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act. In turn, under the Maryland Bridge to Excellence in Education Act, school districts each develop a 5-year master plan describing how they will meet the state standards.
a comprehensive blueprint for development. In public planning, the objectives are to identify public need and suggest ways to meet these needs through the most rational and efficient expenditure of public funds.
the plan above all others; a formalized guide for the development of a real estate site or project from beginning to end. In the case of a master-planned real estate development, it is usually a comprehensive plan for long-term physical development that reflects agreement between a land owner and a community, taking into account such things as zoning restrictions, protection of the environment, public services, and protection against the creation of public burdens. definition of master plan defined definition of master planning defined
a blueprint, an outline that tells you what you want to accomplish in youth Sunday school and the steps you'll take to accomplish it
a blueprint with input from the citizenry in deciding where business, schools, new development, preservation, and parks should be located
a graphic representation showing how the park might appear in the future, and is designed to bring the technical aspects of park design together with the needs of the neighborhood
a long-range vision for a municipality
an area-wide map, based on a variety of social and economic factors, which displays current land use and projects future uses
a road map for your facility
a document that you and the ISCOR Advisor complete for the Office of Advising and Evaluations before you file for graduation
a dynamic, evolving document
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a description of a town as it exists and as it wishes to become
a study of where you want the town to go and then zoning law is based on that
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a conceptual layout for a site
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The fusion of the program and the final design.