Definitions for "Mast Step"
Keywords:  deck, fitting, fore, aft, receptacle
The place that supports the bottom of the mast. The mast step usually has a built in pattern fitting a matching pattern on the bottom of the mast, enabling the mast to be accurately positioned.
Fitting or construction into which the base of the mast is placed.
a deck fitting that allows the mast to be placed or stepped at one of several fore and aft positions.
A mortise cut into the top of a keelson or large floor timber, or a mortised wooden block or assembly of blocks mounted on the floor timbers or keelson into which the tenoned heel of a mast was seated.
Keywords:  rests, structure
The structure on which the mast rests
Keywords:  slot, frame, lower, end, secure
A frame or slot used to secure the lower end of the mast