A smaller (4"×7"), paperbound edition of a previously published hardcover or trade paperback book that is printed on less expensive paper and bound in flexible paper covers. A mass market paperback is produced for sale through a wide variety of mass-market outlets, including supermarkets, drug stores, variety stores, and newsstands. The cheaper editions appeal to a large segment of the reading population and are often sold next to magazines. See also JOBBER PAPERBACK QUALITY PAPERBACK RACK JOBBER TRADE PAPERBACK
A paperbound book distributed chiefly through traditional magazine channels, including newsstands, variety and drug stores, supermarkets, and other mass markets. Also marketed to general bookstores, college stores, and department stores and may be either an original publication that has never appeared in any other format or a reprint of a previously published hardcover or trade paperback edition here made available at a significantly lower price.
a small, non-illustrated, and relatively cheap version of a book , usually coming out after the hardback and often sold in airport s and supermarket s as well as in bookstore s