Definitions for "Masquerade"
An assembly of persons wearing masks, and amusing themselves with dancing, conversation, or other diversions.
A dramatic performance by actors in masks; a mask. See 1st Mask, 4.
Acting or living under false pretenses; concealment of something by a false or unreal show; pretentious show; disguise.
In the context of African practice, masquerade dancers are a feature of religious societies and are identified with different roles. Their performance generally involves aspects of music and theatre as well as rhythmic bodily movement.
Masquerade is a song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The Phantom of the Opera. It is sung at the beginning of the second act where a masquerade ball is held at the Opera House. Several months have passed since the end of the first act and the cast and crew of the Opera House have heard nothing of the Phantom for that period of time, thus assuming that he had left them for good.
Masquerade (Danish: Maskarade) is an opera in three acts by Carl Nielsen to a Danish libretto by Wilhelm Andersen, based on the comedy by Ludvig Holberg. First performance: Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, 1906.
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Masquerade is a children’s book, written and painted by Kit Williams, which sparked a worldwide treasure hunt by concealing clues to the location of a jeweled golden hare, created and hidden somewhere in the British Isles by Williams. It became the inspiration for a genre of books known today as armchair treasure hunts.
Masquerade is an album by German band Running Wild. It is the first in a trilogy of a theme of good versus evil, continued with The Rivalry and concluded with Victory.
Masquerade is a 2002 album by Wyclef Jean.
The effort begun after the end of the great wars to hide Kindred society from the mortal world.
The effort to hide the existence of vampires from the mortals in order to prevent another inquisition.
A dream of a masquerade party signifies a surprise opportunity which could secure your future.
To dream of attending a masquerade, denotes that you will indulge in foolish and harmful pleasures to the neglect of business and domestic duties. For a young woman to dream that she participates in a masquerade, denotes that she will be deceived.
The largest and most powerful underworld organization in the Sybren Imperium.
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A con event in which cosplaying individuals or groups go on stage and performs; ranging from a walk on or short skit.
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The Masquerade is a fictional term found in White Wolf Game Studio's books and role-playing games.
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Masquerade was an American secret agent television series that aired for a few months on ABC in the spring of 1983.
Translate an address. This is the pure act of translation; it does not necessarily mean that the mail gets sent to another place. For redirecting e-mails there is aliasing*.
Attack in which an entity takes on the identity of a different entity without authorization.