Definitions for "Masa"
Keywords:  dough, tortilla, tamale, corn, nixtamal
finely ground dried corn mial
a moist mash resulting from the grinding of corn soaked in a lime and water solution and used in preparing tortillas, tamales, and similar food ( language=Español) [Encyclopædia Britannica; see cue/www=
literally "dough flour") A dough of water and masa harina. Used to make tortillas and tamales..
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The Japanese Satellite DGPS equivalent to WAAS.
Masa (this is the name that he performs under, not necessarily his real name) is a Japanese musician. While he is not so prominent in the Japanese music scene, he was member of GacktJOB, Gackt's band. He has also been in the disbanded Spiky and is currently the vocalist of Dizzy Drive.
a street photographer who takes pictures (complete with hilarious commentary) of homeless people, cultists, subcultures and customized cars
month. The vedic months, their names, their rulers and their correspondence to the gregorian calendar are described in 12.11: 33-45. The months of end April to the end of September know 31 days in a row as a consequence of the indian nirayana year which leaps the month to the hour-angle relative to the stars and not regularly every second month the way the old roman calendar did originally and the gregorian calendar still does more or less.
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an independent group of closely related Chadic languages spoken in the area between the Biu-Mandara and East Chadic languages
Masa is a high-end sushi restaurant with just 26 seats, located in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, New York.
Mail Advertising Service Association. A major trade association of mailing houses responsible for fulfillment in the United States. MASA has some 500 members; there are over 6,000 lettershops and mailing houses in the United States.